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Ready-to-use Kit Advantages

We have a stable storage technology for HRP enzyme markers and labeled antibodies with completely independent intellectual property rights. In the ready-to-use ELISA kit, all solutions except the lotion have been formulated to a working concentration. The user of the kit does not need to dilute by hand. This not only reduces the error caused by the manual dilution process, but also makes it easier to operate. And with the strong technical support of our company, this kind of kit can be stored for at least 12 months at 2-8 °C, and the kit can still accurately measure the sample.
Quality assurance. Please contact customer service for ordering.
Scope of use: For scientific research purposes only, not for clinical use.
Product use: For the determination of the content or activity in serum, plasma, tissue and related liquid samples.
Number of ELISA kits:
1. Rats: 78 species
2. Mouse: 82 species
3. Human: 93 kinds
4. Bovine: 9 kinds
5. Goat: 8 species
6. Sheep: 5 species
7. Canine: 7 species
8. Rabbit: 29 species
9. Guinea Pig: 9 species
10. Chicken: 12 kinds
11. General: 53 species
12. Pig: 16 species
13. Other:11 kinds
Product preservation: 2~8°C, valid for 10 months, our scientific research kit is the latest batch stock.
1.Efficient, sensitive and specific;
2.Repeatability and stability;
3.The blank value is low, and the transparency at the bottom of the hole is high;
4. Suitable for various types of specimens such as serum, plasma, tissue homogenate, cell culture supernatant, urine, etc.;
5. Save experimental time.
Substance service:
Anyone who purchases our scientific research kits and provides free test services.
[Customer provided]
Please note the following when sending samples:
1, the specimen number; 2, the measured items; 3, whether to do the double hole; 4, contact information; 5, whether the sample is sent back after the experiment.  6, experimental requirements.
Experimental samples include: serum, plasma, urine, pleural and ascites, cerebrospinal fluid, cell culture supernatant, etc.
Before collecting samples, customers must be clear about whether the ingredients to be tested are stable enough.
Samples that were tested on the day after collection were stored at 2-8 °C for later use.
For samples that need to be collected periodically for special reasons, the samples should be stored in time and stored at -20 °C or -70 °C, and avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Samples can be stored for 48 hours at 2-8 °C; for 1 month at -20 °C; for 6 months at -70 °C.
Ordering Instructions:
1. About after sales service
Order Wuhan Probiosc Biotechnology Research Test Kit, you can enjoy the free use of the kit free of charge, experimental guidance, and difficult problem solving.
2. About shipping and logistics instructions
The kit is used to receive the product and ensure the quality. The order of the day will be shipped the next day, and the general shipment inspection will take at least 1 day. Express delivery default, if you need a special courier company, please be sure to inform or remark before placing the order.
3. About the receipt and inspection instructions
After express delivery to you, be sure to check the quantity of the goods and whether the product is abnormal or damaged. If there is any problem during the acceptance period, please call the Wuhan Probiosc Biotechnology Customer Service.
4. About return
As a manufacturer of scientific research and testing kits, once the problematic technology is followed up, the quality problems are returned and replaced, and the operation problems are guided by our technology to ensure that each customer can successfully complete the experiment. The service is up to your satisfaction.
Customers can place purchase orders offline, as follows:
1. The customer inquires about the product price and delivery time through telephone, mail, chat tools and other channels.
2. The customer confirms the product order and signs the order contract.
3. Payment,please waiting for our company to confirm the receipt.
4. After receive the payment, we will arrange delivery, and generate the courier number.
5. The invoice will sent with the goods.

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