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HRP Enzyme Stabilizer

  • HRP Enzyme Stabilizer
    • HRP Enzyme Stabilizer
    • HRP Enzyme Stabilizer
      Cat No.:KYSJ-A005

      Application: Improve the stability of HRP and HRP conjugates

      Term of validity: This product is stable for 2 years stored at 2°C~8°C. Shading light.

      All products of the company are only for experimental use by industrial customers or research institutes, not for other applications.
      HRP Enzyme Stabilizer

      1. The Product Introduction
      Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) markers (enzyme-labeled antibodies, antigens, peptides, etc.) are unstable at low concentrations and are highly susceptible to inactivation. HRP enzyme stabilizer contains several kinds of HRP stabilizers, which have strong protective effect on HRP enzyme standard reagents, so that the diluted HRP enzyme standard reagent can be stored at 4 ° C for more than 1 year at very low concentration (ng level). The coupled products of the antigen have good protection. Comparative experiments show that this product is stronger than a variety of imported products, including Sigma's Peroxidase Stabilizing Buffer, Pierce's Guardian Peroxidase Conjugate Stabilizer and Biodesign's HRP Conjugate Stabilizer. ProLogis Bio products are highly cost-effective and can be used in large quantities by ELISA and antibody manufacturers.
      2. The Quality Standard
      Each batch of this product undergoes rigorous quality inspection. The enzyme-labeled dilution containing the 1x concentration of the product was first placed, followed by an accelerated stability test at 37 °C. HRP-labeled anti-hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) antibody was diluted 1:5000 and incubated at 37 ° C for 14 days, after which HBsAg was detected by ELISA double antibody sandwich method. HRP-labeled antibody activity retention (compared to HRP markers placed at 4 ° C for the same period of time) was above 90%. Under the same treatment conditions, using 10 mg/ml BSA as a stabilizer diluted enzyme standard, the retention activity was less than 5%, even though the 50 mg/ml BSA retention activity was still less than 20%.
      3. The Instructions For Use
      The product is 2X liquid, only need to add HRP marker when used, and make up to 2 times volume of pure water.
      4. The Scope of Application
      Western Blotting
      5. Storage
      Store at 2-8 ° C for at least 2 years.

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