Our products are only available for external use, not for clinical diagnosis

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Company profile

      Wuhan Probiosc Biotechnology Co. (Ltd) is a high-tech biological company specializing in biological research reagents. The main products are ELISA kit, ELISA antigen antibody pair, protein, antibody, and research reagents related to ELISA. Among them, ELISA related research reagents include single component TMB chromogenic agent, HRP stabilizer, Cantonese high efficiency immunoadjuvant, biotin labelling kit and high quality BSA. At the same time, the company provides professional ELISA kit, ELISA antigen antibody pair, protein, antibody and other customized services for our customers.

    Probiosc is currently having four major technical platforms, molecular biology platform, protein expression and purification platform, high quality antibody production platform, and ELISA research and development platform. Most of the raw materials of protein antibodies are independently developed by our company, focusing on quality from the source, providing a strong guarantee for product quality.

    The goal of Probiosc is to provide you with the best quality products and the most professional services. It is your best choice for purchasing scientific research reagents.

Our products are only used by donors, not for clinical diagnosis.

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